I am very thankful to the organizer of IWS Pakistan, Mr. Ali and his wife Mrs. Ali for inviting me to participate in Watercolor Biennial “Pearls of Peace” in Pakistan! And I am very thankful to the jurors for awarding me “Best Organizer for World Watercolor Event Award” and I wish to congratulate all participating and award-winning friends.

  Thank you very much to Mr David Poxon for inviting me for this exciting international exhibition-“International Watercolor Master Exhibtiion”, and also for his hard work in organizing the exhibition. A big Congratulations to all artists from each country and wish them all success. This exhibition will be open from April 28 to 31 2018 at Weston Park Gallery, Weston under Lizard, UK

  First I would like to thank Mr George Politis for nominating me to participate in the Biennial International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2018 founded by Fabriano, Creative City of UNESCO and run by the public Paper and Watermark Museum of Fabrian0. And I would also like to thank the initiator of this event and President of Jury Mr. Zhou Tianya and Prize’s Curator Mr. Giorgio Pellegrini for writing to me to participate in this international event.

  I am very happy that I received the news from NWS in America that my work ‘Faintly Discernible #51’ got selected in the 2018 NWS 98th International Open Exhibition. Worth mentioning is that this is the first time that I used buildings as my main theme for my work and this has received commendation from the judges. I would like to congratulate all accepted artists from around the world and also thank the jurors and the NWS organization.

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