Artist Statement

I have not been through formal training in any art school, but it is through a strong passion and interest in art that I have used my life to do art ever since I was young. I have always felt that being self-taught is not an easy thing; and creation of art is even harder! However, a strong interest is what motivates me to move forward. In my art journey, there are both joys and challenges. I learnt things through trial and error and realized that the ups and downs of my art life are nutrition for my creative process and nourishment for my life. These encounters help me to grow and solidified my determination to continue moving forward…….. (more) 我没受过任何艺术学院的专业训练,从年幼开始直至今天,就凭着一股热情与兴趣,我让自己的人生参与了艺术。总是觉得自修是一件不容易的事;创作更是一件‘苦差事’!然而,热爱就是鼓励我前进的动力。艺途中,苦乐参半,跌跌撞撞中体悟出,原来艺术生涯生中的起起落落,是我创作中的营养;也是生命中的养分,这些经历助我成长,也坚定了继续走下去的信心。这一路走来,不论是初期的‘写实’表现风格,还是现阶段的‘半抽象’手法,我始终秉持着‘忠于自我’的态度。…….(更多)

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