I have not been through formal training in any art school, but it is through a strong passion and interest in art that I have used my life to do art ever since I was young.

I have always felt that being self-taught is not an easy thing; and creation of art is even harder! However, a strong interest is what motivates me to move forward.

In my art journey, there are both joys and challenges. I learnt things through trial and error and realized that the ups and downs of my art life are nutrition for my creative process and nourishment for my life. These encounters help me to grow and solidified my determination to continue moving forward.

I have always been “loyal to myself” on this road, whether it is during the “realistic style” in my beginning stage, or during the “semi-abstract style” now. I like to create according to my heart and not allow my creation to be fixed by a boundary. In terms of medium, I chose to use the transparent watercolour medium as my main creation tool, while oil paint is also one of my favourite medium.

As for the subject matter, I have also started to paint some natural scenery, street scenes, and buildings etc., apart from the usual fishing boats and villages in my beginning stage. Maybe I will try other subject matters in the future as my life experiences, knowledge and skill level increase.

My hope is for my works to evoke a strong emotional response in my viewers and a mutual understanding. To me, a creative work should not be just an artist painting a picture only, but it should be a dialogue between the artist and the work, an artist with himself, and also an artist with the viewer. Art should possess the ability to communicate, and I hope that my work can open up this conversation so that viewers can understand the story while participating in it.

2018 is a special year because I have fulfilled my promise to myself to be awarded Signature Membership in the American Watercolor Society (AWS).

2018 Jan 29th by Jayson Yeoh


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