Accumulate #92 - 2014 Watercolor competition Splash 17 by ArtistSnetwork, USA Great news from Artistsnetwork, happy to know that my painting "Accumulate #92" has been selected to feature in North Light Books’ latest watercolor competition 'Splash 17'. Many thanks to the Jury Rachel Rubin Wolf and the staffs of North Light Books. A big congratulation to all selected artists and my friends whose work are included too. 来自Artistsnetwork的好消息,我的作品《堆积92》成功入编入美国《北光艺术丛书》之最畅销系列的《飞溅系列17》。 由衷地感谢评委Mr Rachel Rubin 以及North Light Books 的全体职员。

Pleased to announce that my work "Accumulate #59" was accepted for 'The 7th Continental Watercolor Art Hwa-yang Award2014- 2015. It’s my 1st acceptance in this show, especially happy and graceful! Honoured to be participating in a show with some of the best painters in the world. My sincere thanks to the jury for selecting my work.

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