Artist Statement 画家陈述

Being self-taught is not easy, especially taking up the brush after 15 years of not touching it. But I always felt that that ‘passion’ is a very powerful force, which motivates me to progress in my art. In art there are both joys and challenges, and understanding comes after many falls. This also built up my determination to move forward. When it comes to creation, I believe in being true to my inner voice, to ‘draw what I love, and love what I draw’. After many years, holding the brush no longer is a chore but an enjoyment. And the joy is indescribable. My style has changed from the earlier ‘realist’ manner to the ‘semi-abstract’ manner, but the subject matter still remains the same. I have deep roots with my chosen subject matter, “boats”. I like to paint with my heart, and the colours, lines, spaces and other elements are materials for my compositions. I hope that my carefully-designed works can create within the viewer an immense emotion and connection. To me, art is not just an artist drawing a picture only, but it is a dialogue between the artist and the canvas, the artist and himself, and most importantly, the artist and the viewer. Art needs communication, so let me open up and maintain this dialogue box so viewers can participate and understand the creative story.

自认自学是一件不容易的事,更何况是相隔将近十五年之后,欲重拾画笔,实在是‘苦差’。但是,总觉的‘热爱’是一股很强劲的力量,对我起了很大的催化作用, 催促着我,不断往前精进。 艺途中,苦乐参半,跌跌撞撞中之体悟,也助我成长,更坚定了我勇往直前的信心。对于创作,我选择了忠于自己内心的诉求,‘画我所爱,爱我所画’,多年后的 今天,挥舞着画笔,不再是‘苦差’,而其中乐趣,不可言喻,我乐此不彼。从初期的‘写实’表现乃至现阶段的‘半抽象’风格,我的创作题材一如往常。 皆因,我与自己所选择的题材【船】,有着深远的渊源。我喜欢随心的创作,生活周遭所看见的一些色彩、线条,空间等元素,是我构建作品的要素。我希望自己精 心设计的创作品,可以唤起观众强烈的感情,达致共鸣。 对我而言,创作,不再单纯是一位画者在描绘一幅作品而已,而是画者和画幅之间的对话、画者和自己的对话,更甚的是画者和观者的对话。艺术是需要沟通的,但 愿我能打开并保持该对话框,让观众会随着参与,了解创作的故事。

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