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Jayson Yeoh Choon Seng, MOWS

artistBorn in 1963 in the Malaysian state of Kedah, Jayson Yeoh is a self-taught watercolor artist. His passion and love for art started at young age. His artistic and self-exploration journey was bittersweet and full of ups and downs. However, his persistency and perseverance brought him to what and who he is currently. Reminiscing the past, he was once in a dilemma of choosing his own life career – to be an art educator or an artist. After due diligence and consideration, he decided to choose the former due to life’s demands and expectations. Therefore, YS Art Centre was formally established by him in 1991. Being in the industry for two decades, he had received the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Education Bureau of Shanghai , Hangzhou and Beijing, China and many other institutions for his excellence in teaching art. Although he had been active in the art education industry for many years, his enthusiasm and passion for artistic endeavours were still burning in his heart. In recent years, he gradually eased himself from the hectic schedule of teaching and took time out to paint or do outdoor landscaping and sharpen his skills. Shifting from being an educator to an artist, he still felt that being an artist or painter is still his forte. Besides that, he also enjoys travelling and painting as such activities allow him to understand better the culture and customs of the locals. His artworks have been selected for numerous exhibitions and competitions in both local and international juried exhibitions. In 1994, he won the Honorable Mention Award in the National Youth Open Watercolour Competition organised by the Malaysia Teo Chew Association. In 2006, his work was selected for the National ‘Enchanting Colourful’ Watercolor Open. His artwork ‘Serenity’ won him the Second Place Founders Award in the 2013 International Watermedia ‘Legacy’ Exhibition in The Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, USA. Among his best achievements include ‘The Wittnauer Watch Award’ -87th Annual Open Juried Exhibition by The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor 2012 and the ‘Award of Distinction’ by the Missouri International Annual Open Juried Exhibition 2013. In 2014, another of his artworks won the Artist Merit Award at the International Annual Open Exhibition by the Missouri Watercolor Society, USA and he has recently been awarded with the Signature Status by the MOWS. He is currently a member of the Contemporary Malaysian Watercolorists Association (CMWA) , Singapore Watercolour Society (SWS) and the Penang Watercolour Society (PWCS) Jayson Yeoh has actively participated in numerous exhibitions all over the world. He was one of invited guest of honor in ‘The 3rd GNWP China , Shanghai Exhibition’ , ‘The World Watermedia Exposition’ ,Thailand 2014,The 1st International Watercolor Exhibition-IWS Vietnam 2015,The World Watercolor Triennale-Korea Watercolor Association 2015,70th Anniversary of The Basque Watercolour Association Exhibition (BWA) : 21st Century Watercolour, a vision of future, Bilbao, Spain 2015, Homer Lover and Peace through Art Watercolour festival & Contest, Municipality of Bornova, Turkey2015,The Incheon Global Cities Art Exhibition , Incheon International Watercolour Association , Korea 2015 and Master of Watercolor,Saint Petersburg 2015. His works are in the collections of Citi Bank Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Roland Folger (President & CEO of Mercedes- Benz) and Mr.Lim It Leang (The Art Brush Studio-Langkawi). Despite his list of achievements, he never rests on his laurels and constantly strives to pursue greater heights and achievements in the art of watercolour painting.


自修画家。 1963年出生于马来西亚吉打州。 从年幼期开始便热爱艺术。 一步一脚印地自我探索,研究与学习,艺术的旅途中,苦乐参半,但还是坚持至今。 追溯…… 曾几何时,自己徘徊在选择当美术教育工作者或成为画家的困扰之中。 几番思考后,由于一些客观的因素,我毅然选择了前者。 于是“四季彩美育培训中心”在1991年正式成立了。 这二十几年的教学生涯中,多次获得中国上海教育局、中国北京教育局及杭州少年宫等机构颁发“优秀教师奖”。 虽然置身于教育界中多年,但对于艺术创作的热诚却丝毫未减。 因此,近几年来,我逐步放下手中的教学工作,抽空外出写生,以锻炼和提升自己的绘画水平。从美育的行列转变为艺术创作者,我赫然发现,艺术创作仍旧是我的最爱。 我喜欢边旅游边画,这样的旅游方式可以让我更深入了解当地的民风。 我开始非常积极参与国内外的评选展活动。并于1994年获得我国“潮州会馆”所主办的“全国潮青水彩公开赛”特优奖。也在2006年作品入选全国”Enchanting Colourful”水彩公开赛。 很幸运地,我的作品入选了多项中西方的国际水彩画赛。同时也开始受邀参与国内外的展览。 其中是于2012年,作品《搁置》获得第87届加拿大水彩画家协会(CSPWC/SCPA)常年评选展‘The Wittnauer Award’、作品《宁静》获得美国2013年,第十八届皮克斯克(PPWS)国际水彩双年展‘第二 奖’、作品《停泊》,获得美国密苏里州水彩画会(MOWS)2013年度国际公开评选展卓越奖’以及与2014年,作品《还在忙碌二》获得美国密苏里水彩画会国际年度公开评选展‘优异画家奖’,并于同年颁发‘密苏里水彩画会署名会员’。 同时我也是马来西亚水彩画会会员、新加坡水彩画会会员以及槟城水彩画会会员。 作品曾受邀参与各项国际邀请展,于2013年受邀参与中国上海(GNWP)《第三届水彩画家联盟展〉》、2014年泰国曼谷世界水彩博览会、2015年水彩大师邀请展,尔罗斯圣彼得堡、 2015年世界水彩三年展以及2015年第一届越南国际水彩邀请展。 作品也被Mr. Roland Folger-President & CEO of Mercedes- Benz、Mr.Lim It Leang-The Art Brush Studio-Langkawi、Mr.Goh Eng Hooi-Kuala Lumpur、Mr.Teh Cheong Suan-Ipoh收藏。以及Citi Bank Kuala Lumpur和苏州美术馆,中国典藏。 这对我而言确实是一种莫大的推动力。这股动力,时时刻刻地鞭策着我,让我更精进、让我看到美丽的曙光!

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